5 Axle Trailer Types

5 Axle Trailer5 Axle Flatbed Trailer

A flatbed is the most basic of trailer equipment out there in the platform shipping segment. This trailer is excellent for carrying freight-all-kinds (FAK). From commodities like a pipe, steel coils, and lumber to machinery, equipment, and all things in between. Here are some of the equipment dimensions followed by max legal commodity dimensions.


Flatbed Trailer Dimensions

Trailer Length:48′ to 53′
Trailer Width:8’6″
Deck Height:5′
Empty Weight:32,000 lbs.


Commodity Dimensions

Length:48′ to 53′
Weight:48,000 lbs.



 5 Axle Step Deck Trailer


A step deck stretch trailer is a specialized trailer that provides the added ability to haul shipments that are high and long. It has a broad range of capabilities but sacrifices weight for these added features. Because this trailer type is a bit rarer, the price does go up for this equipment type.  Overall, a great universal trailer that provides a lot of function.


Step Deck Stretch Trailer Dimensions


Equipment Dimensions

Trailer Length:48′ to 65′
Upper Deck Length:8′- 11′
Lower Deck Length:37′ to 65′
Trailer Width:8’6″
Deck Height:3′ to 3’6″
Empty Weight:37,000 lbs


Commodity Dimensions

Length:37′ to 43′
Weight:46,000 lbs


Double Drop Stretch Dimensions 5 Axle

A specialized trailer for taking large equipment and machinery. An oversize, heavy haul trailer specializing tall and long freight. Generally provides an RGN (removable gooseneck) to allow for a drive off capability. These trailers are not always easily obtained, so planning ahead for a move of this type is important. Trailer specifications and state limits can vary so plan accordingly.



Double Drop Stretch 5 Axle Trailer Dimensions


Equipment Dimensions

    1. Trailer Length – 48′
    1. Upper Deck Length – 8′- 11′
    1. Lower Deck Length – 29′ to 50′
    1. Trailer Width – 8’6″
    1. Deck Height – 18″ to 24″
    1. Empty Weight – 40,000 lbs

Commodity Dimensions

    1. Length – 29′ to 50′
    1. Width – 8’6″
    1. Height – 11’8″ to 12′
    1. Weight – 40,000 lbs