6 Axle Trailer Types

6 Axle TrailerStep Deck Stretch 6 Axle Trailer

A specialized trailer allowing for long, tall and heavier loads. The additional axle allows for more weight while the stretch allows for longer loads.  A trailer with broad capabilities but sacrifices legal weight for these added benefits.  This trailer is not all that common, so it is necessary to plan accordingly on your shipment. Use of this trailer is for over dimensional and heavy haul loads.



Step Deck Stretch 6 Axle Trailer Dimensions

Equipment Dimensions

Trailer Length48′ to 65′
Upper Deck Length8′- 11′
Lower Deck Length37′ to 65′
Trailer Width8’6″
Deck Height3′ to 3’6″
Empty Weight39,000 lbs



Commodity Dimensions

Length37′ to 65′
Weight41,000 lbs




Double Drop 6 Axle Trailer Dimensions

A specialized trailer able to haul tall and heavy loads.   With commodity weight capabilities with a permit at around 68,000 lbs it shows a lot of range for both legal and overweight loads.  Ideal for large equipment like excavators and the like. Availability is moderate so planning your move ahead is best.  With RGN capability drive on and drive off is a big advantage when loading.


Equipment Dimensions

Trailer Length48′
Upper Deck Length6′- 10′
Lower Deck Length29′
Trailer Width8’6″
Deck Height18″ to 24″
Empty Weight41,000 lbs



Commodity Dimensions

Height11’8″ to 12′
Weight39,000 lbs




Double Drop Stretch 6 Axle Dimensions


A double drop stretch 6 axle trailer is a specialized trailer that can haul a lot of big and heavy items. It’s moderately available making it a trailer that you want to plan ahead when required. Generally used to haul oversize and overweight loads. Overall this trailer can accommodate a broad range of load types. RGN capability assists in drive on drive off of equipment.



Equipment Dimensions

Trailer Length – 48′

Upper Deck Length – 8′- 11′

Lower Deck Length – 29′ to 50′

Trailer Width – 8’6″

Deck Height – 18″ to 24″

Empty Weight – 45,000 lbs



Commodity Dimensions

Length – 29′ to 50′

Width – 8’6″

Height – 11’8″ to 12′

Weight – 35,000 lbs