Economic Growth in Freight Transportation Causes Lack of Truck Drivers

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The need for freight transportation has been increased according to the economic growth over the past 6 months, but the industry is facing a lack of drivers.


The trucking industry is encountering a 50,000-truck driver shortage, according to a report by the American Trucking Association. It’s is the lifeblood of the economy, connecting production with commerce. If there is a breakdown in the industry, the economic chain could be compromised.


The growth in the economy has caused a surge in production to meet consumer needs.


“Business is great,” said Andrea Curreri who is the President of Bluff Manufacturing in Fort Worth. “We have tripled in size, and we’re building new locations.”


Bluff Manufacturing, like every business in the country, depends on the trucking industry to distribute their goods.


“We’ve been seeing this for several years, but it has gotten worse over the past six months. Obviously, we’re seeing an increase because of the economic boom,” Eckley said. “It’s great for business but we’re also seeing the negative. We need more drivers.”


Also, the driver shortage will drive up consumer costs.


Desperate to haul freight and fill orders, trucking companies are increasing pay and incentives for drivers, which can include big bonuses, benefit packages, and compensation for living expenses.


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