overheight permits

Overheight Permit

An overheight permit is a type of permit that is requested when the height of the load exceeds legal standards. Overheight permits for all movements will be limited to a nonreducible mixture of vehicle and load height not exceeding the vertical clearance of the structures on the most feasible direct route between origin and destination. Arrangements for the raising or removal of overhead lines will be the responsibility of the permittee. It is also the responsibility of the permittee to check all structures and overhead wires for clearances before travel.

Overheight operations are normally governed by the thru-bridges on the planned routes. Applicants may be required to post a bond to cover all the damage that may happen to utilities or other facilities when they must be moved to allow the use of an overheight vehicle.

Legal Height Standards

Of course, all states have their own specific legal height limits. This is the overall or combined height of the trailer and load. There are no sign or flag requirements for overheight movements up to 150in. However, over 150in movements require oversize signs and an amber rotating or flashing beacon. The legal height limit is 14 feet from the road surface to the top of the load or vehicle. Once the height exceeds 14 feet, it requires an overheight permit. Below are the costs of the permits, which vary by how much the load is over the limit:

OverheightOne Trip
0-5 feet$6.00
Over 5-6 feet$8.00
Over 6-7 feet$10.00
Over 7-8 feet$12.50
Over 8-9 feet$15.00
Over 9-10 feet$18.00
Over 10-11 feet$21.00
Over 11-12 feet$25.00
Over 12 feet$27.50

Escort Vehicles

The escort vehicle for overheight loads should have a vertical clearance detection device and have continuous, uninterrupted, two-way communication with the power unit. Flags used for flagging and on permit vehicles shall be clean, red or orange fluorescent, in good condition, with no advertising or wording, and be an at least eighteen inch (18”) square.

Height Detection Vehicles

The height detection vehicle is required to precede overheight loads exceeding fifteen feet six inches (15’6”). The height detection vehicle shall have a vertical clearance detection device and have direct, continuous, uninterrupted, two-way communication with the power unit; a height greater than 17’ requires a Highway Patrol escort.

In addition, a separate escort shall be provided for each load and each dimension. Additional and/or special escort requirements may be specified whenever the size, speed, or operation of movement might require it.

Please Note: The Bureau of Turnpikes does NOT ALLOW any overheight loads or vehicles greater than 15′ high to pass under any toll canopy.

Travel Restrictions

Some holidays suspend travel for overheight vehicles permitted or overheight vehicle combinations with a gross weight exceeding 112,000 lbs. These days are New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. However, vehicles below this weight limit can still travel.

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