Overlength Permits

Overlength PermitThe overlength load is one that exceeds one or more of the maximum dimensions allowed for standard vehicles. Overlength loads or vehicles are only allowed to operate if the trucker owns overlength permit. Construction machinery which is carried on an Overlength Permit should be loaded in a way that complies with standard length limits, if possible.   Overlength permits may be issued when a review of the movement demonstrates that it can be made safely, and precautions will be taken to safeguard the traveling public.   Generally, there are four categories of load sizes: 1, 2, 3 and 4. Each of them is larger than the previous one.  

Requirements for Overlength Vehicles

The driver of a vehicle that exceeds 25 meters long has to get an Overlength Permit from the rail service operator if the vehicle is going to travel over a level crossing. If the Overlength vehicle is shipping a load of more than 30 meters in length, it should have a rear steering facility.   In addition, if an overlength vehicle has an operated steering jinker or a pole trailer, the rear overhang is measured between the rearmost part of the load and the center of the rear turntable load support.   Also, if the forward distance is 3.5 meters or less if the vehicle combination includes a load-sharing trailer the load-sharing trailer does not have to be included in forwarding distance calculations. If the forward distance exceeds 3.5 meters, this distance must be added to the forward distance of the main trailer, less 3.5 meters.   Finally, the forward distance used for knowing the overlength operating requirements is half the distance between the two turntables supporting the load, if the vehicle combination includes an operated steering jinker.

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