President Donald Trump and Fauci Have Opposing Views on the Pandemic

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President Donald Trump Tries to Expose Fauci

President Donald Trump verbally attacked Dr. Anthony Fauci on Monday. This was during a phone call with campaign staff. Dr. Anthony Fauci is famous for speaking out of two sides of his mouth. He is always raising the “false” alarm about COVID-19 every chance he gets. He doesn’t sound at all like he wants America to open up from these brutal, oppressive lockdowns. In fact, he has said repeatedly we need to hunker down more and not get complacent about the pandemic. There is no light at the end of the tunnel in his worldview but more gloom and doom predictions. The goal seems to perpetuate the pandemic narrative into eternity. He is considered a medical hero by the American public but he has “clay feet.”

President Donald Trump Describes the Fauci Effect Using Words like “Disaster” and “Bomb”

The infectious disease specialist was described by President Trump as a “disaster” and said every time Fauci goes on television there is a “bomb,” however there would be “a bigger bomb if you fire him,” according to a recording of the call by NBC News.

The Numbers Do Lie

Correcting himself, whether it’s really true or not, the pandemic numbers are not to be believed anyways or the extremely exaggerated death toll. Trump said first if we listened to Fauci, we’d have 500,000 deaths and then he later added, he would 700-800,000 deaths right now.

Mask Wearing, Shutting Down Travel from China

Fauci’s influence on the American public is as ridiculous and absurd it is on the fake news perpetuating the pandemic and inducing a level of brainwashing that is horrifying and scary. Trump also addressed Fauci’s early comments on mask wearing and shutting down travel from China as examples of allegedly bad advice. Trump added yet we keep him. He goes on television, there’s always a bomb, but there’s a bigger bomb if you fire him.

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