President Joe Biden Pays A Visit To The Mack Plant

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When the President, Joe Biden, came to the Mack Plant to visit, he did so with a purpose.

To bring about changes that would revolutionize the Buy American Act. In which case, U.S. Content would be within what the federal government consumes. Resulting in a further love of domestic production. So in comes the president with some facts.

There tends to be $600 billion U.S. Dollars in annual procurement spending. If you don’t already know, that has half of the profits going to the benefit of manufacturing products like trucks. Making the Federal government one of the hugest purchasers of consumer goods in the whole world. That’s pretty exciting but the President continues to raise the roof with how exciting it can be! Even if it’s only the mild-mannered Joe Biden and not the hot-headed Donald Trump.

In the pandemic supply chain strategy, there were preferences that supported the expanding size of domestic supply chains created by critical products in order to give back a source of stable demand for domestically produced critical products.

Currently, the Buy American Statute states that “substantially all” of any product to be bought is to do so with taxpayer dollars, created in the USA. Now, certain items would be able to qualify in the case that 55% of their value had been manufactured stateside. In such case, President Biden has made it known they would increase the threshold to 60% and bring an increase to 75% of products by 2029, assuming he sticks around for that long. The job of a President is likely a stressful one.

This is all being done within the pandemic supply chain strategy protocol. And it surely isn’t easy to execute in the slightest. But truckers everywhere should agree that this will definitely strengthen the workflow of logistics everywhere in the USA. That’s a truth you just simply can’t really deny.

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