Why Do Oversize Loads Need Escort Vehicles?

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Oversize loads rely on escort vehicles for a variety of functions.
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On top of needing to get oversize or overweight permits, heavy hauls also need to get escort vehicles. These vehicles, which are also known as pilot cars, can be kind of a pain for hauling companies. However, they are absolutely necessary for the safe hauling of oversize loads. Here’s why getting an escort is necessary to have a safe trip with your oversize load:

Escort vehicles signal to others on the road to use caution.

A large part of why pilot vehicles are so important is to warn the rest of the driving public. The ways to stay safe while driving around an oversize load are different than normal driving. Drivers need to leave more space around these loads, both to the sides and to the front of the load. They might also not want to drive behind overheight loads after what happened recently in Ohio. On top of that, escort cars can alert the public to the heavy haul needing to slow down for a hazard. Because of this, escort vehicles are very important for keeping the public informed about an oversize load.

They also inform the hauler of potential hazards.

Of course, pilot vehicles aren’t just for the benefit of other drivers. Equipped with their CB radio, they can talk to the hauler as they drive. This is useful for a lot of different circumstances. They can warn drivers of upcoming hazards on the road, such as accidents. They can warn the drivers of a narrowing road that will require more caution or cause a delay. And many escort vehicles equip themselves with a pole the height of the load so they can ensure that the load will actually fit under any low-clearance bridges. Having another pair of eyes to look around and ensure that the load will be transported carefully is incredibly important for heavy hauls. After all, their loads are unique, dangerous, and very expensive. Make sure to secure these loads properly and follow all regulations to maintain the safety of your load and the road!

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