Trailers with 13 or More Axles

13 axle trailer

A 13-axle trailer can be used to:

  • Haul loads that require extremely long flatbeds due to their length.
  • Transport extremely heavy loads that weigh up to 95 tons.
  • Haul wind, construction and mining equipment, such as 2.5 and 2.75-megawatt wind turbines and wheel dozers.

Some tips about 13 axle trailers

  • 118” flip neck that extends to a 14’ 3” upper deck
  • 30’ main deck that boasts a 26” loaded deck height and a 6” ground clearance
  • 21’ rear deck that has a 44’’ loaded deck height

Typical Dimensions for 13 Axle Trailers

Deck Type: Parameter

Deck Length: 30′ to 90′

Width: 10′ 0″ to 20′ 0″

Height: 1′ 2″

Max Weight: 95 Tons (190,000 lbs.)

13 Axle Air Ride Steerable Specifications

  • 80-ton trailer (approx. weight: 64,000 @ 10′ wide deck with 28′ in the well).
  • Yokohama 255/70R 22.5 tires mounted on Alcoha hub piloted wheels (18 outside wheels polished as standard).
  • PPG Del fleet paint and primer to customers’ requirements.
  • Ridewell air ride suspension.
  • Hydraulics powered by quality Honda motors to provide long-lasting dependability.
  • 24″ of lift for jeep and dolly towers.
  • 3″ x 12″ Apitong hardwood on the perimeter with 3′ x 12″ Douglas fir inside.
  • LED lighting throughout trailer is coupled to a sealed wire harness for increased reliability.
  • 28′ in the well standard deck with a beam deck and extensions available as options, making for a versatile trailer to fit your exact needs.
  • Remote steering as standard equipment.

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