About Us

OverweightPermits.com is an agency helping truckers all around the U.S. to order and obtain Overweight Permits. In addition, our company also handles all the filing paperwork necessary to obtain DOT compliance. Our staff consists of skillful experts fully capable to handle all your permitting as well as DOT compliance needs. We help our clients to obtain overweight, oversize, heavy haul, fuel, mileage and other temporary permits.   OverweightPermits.com have been one of the pioneers in the trucking industry. Our company proudly stands by its status as one of the leading permit service companies in the United States. At OverweightPermits.com, we do our best to give our customer’s business particular attention. We are self-assured that you will be pleased with the results. Please contact one of our experienced permit agents today and make OverweightPermits.com a valuable partner for your trucking company!    

Our Mission Our Mission

A truck driving job is already a stressful task. Getting to the destination quickly and safely is the main concern of each tracker. The last thing you want to worry about is having the correct permits for your trucks or the necessary filing paperwork for DOT Compliance. OverweightPermits.com is an agency in which the main goal is to help truckers to order and obtain Overweight Permits. In addition, we also handle all the filing paperwork necessary to obtain Operating Authority. Our mission is to get our customers back to their destination quickly and safely.    

Our Services

OverweightPermits.com  agency offers its customers the following services:   • A full range of temporary permits including overweight/oversize (over dimensional), fuel, trip mileage and other types of temporary permits. Our experts specialize in multi-state movements. So, once you call us we will take care of all the states in your route. Your routes will be reviewed closely to identify any issues upfront, and we call states as needed to stay in front of anything that would prevent you from getting your permit.   • Also, we will handle all the filing paperwork necessary to obtain your authority and get your business running as quickly as possible. Not only are we gonna take all the busy work off your hands but we extend exclusive value services that you won’t find anywhere else.  

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