What is an Oversize Permit?

oversize permitA oversize permit is a document acquired from a state, county, city or province (Canada) to approve travel in the certain jurisdiction for oversize truck movement. In the majority of cases, it will list the name of the hauler, the description of the load as well as its dimensions, and a route they are going to travel.

Generally, oversize load or over dimensional permits may be received from the transportation department/agency of the issuing jurisdiction or from a company specifying in trucking permits, called a permit service.

Who Has to Get an Oversize Permit?

Oversize permits are only required if specific conditions are met. If you meet any of the following conditions, then you most likely need an oversize load permit or over dimensional permit:

  • The overall height of the load you carry exceeds 13’6″
  • The overall width of the load exceeds 8’6″
  • Your trailer length exceeds 48′
  • The overall weight of the load and the power unit exceeds 80,000 pounds

Some states do not require oversize load permits or over dimensional permits for transport units meeting these conditions. For example, in California, the legal height limit for a load is 14′. If your load is 13’8″, then, it would require an oversize permits in many other states, but not California. For more information on a specific state’s regulations or about oversize permits by state, feel free to give us a call!

Oversize Permits with OverweightPermits.com

OverweightPermits.com is a filing agency whose main goal is to help truckers obtain their temporary permits. Therefore, we do our best to fill out all the necessary paperwork accurately in order for our customers to avoid any issues related to their permits or DOT compliance.

In addition to oversize permits, OverweightPermits.com provides its customers with overlength, overheight, overweight, overwidth, heavy haul, fuel tax, mileage, oversize load permits, and other temporary permits as well. We assist with identifying what, if any, oversize permits by state are required. Moreover, we provide our customers with DOT filing services. We do all the necessary paperwork to get our customers back on their routes. Furthermore, we do everything possible to get our clients’ business running as fast as possible!

Let Our Experts Handle Your Permit Needs!

OverweightPermits.com consists of real professionals who know how to please their customers. Once you contact our agents, they will review all possible routes in order to identify any potential issues upfront. Moreover, they will call states as needed to stay in front of anything that would hinder you from obtaining your permit and confirm what oversize permits by state are required.

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