Trip Permits

Trip PermitsA Trip Permit is needed when traveling to a state in which a vehicle is not registered under IRP. A Trip Permit allows commercial or private carrier’s temporary registration in a state municipality where the carrier is not assigned (province or state listed with weight on cab card).   In addition, Trip Permits grant you to operate your licensed trucks on public highways.       Please note that the truck is considered to be unlicensed if:
  1. The current gross weight of the vehicle is not enough for carrying the load.
  2. When the vehicle tabs are expired.

Vehicles that qualify for Trip Permits

Any 1 vehicle Up to three permits issued in any 30-day period
Any 1 recreational vehicle (travel trailers, motorhomes, campers and camp trailers) Up to two permits issued in a one year period.
  Please Note: Trip Permits are only for vehicles traveling on highways. It means that you cannot get a trip permit for off-road and non-highway vehicles.

How Can I Use a Trip Permit?

All Trip Permit is valid for 3 days, starting from the first day of use.
  • You have to complete, sign, and date the Trip Permit prior vehicle operation
  • Any correction or change of data on the Trip Permit makes it invalid
  When do I need a Trip Permit?  The trip permit is needed when you drive from your base province/state into another municipality in which you are not registered or apportioned. In addition, you are requested to have a Trip Permit when:
  • The gross vehicle/combination is more than a registered weight of 26,000lbs.
  • The vehicle is traveling on 3 and more axles.
  • Operate a commercially licensed vehicle California, Arizona or Connecticut regardless of axles/weight.
  • Operating a commercially licensed vehicle in Nevada in excess of 10,000 lbs.
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