Let’s have a General Understanding of Heavy Haul Trucking

Heavy Haul Permits

Heavy haul trucking is the hauling of an oversize/overweight load. Usually, heavy equipment transport requires special trailers that are able to haul oversize or overweight loads. This type of hauling requires a skillful expert to choose the right trailer for the job.

Heavy Haul Permits

Heavy haul trucking requires individual truckers or trucking companies to use special permits provided by the state, city, county or other municipality you are scheduled to travel through. A certified heavy haul provider should know about Oversize permit requirements, legal standards, escort requirements, and any other relevant legal codes.

Please Note: Heavy haul trucking is not the same as flatbed hauling. Heavy haul trucking requires an expert who will ensure a safe and secure delivery of the load.


Oversize vs Legal Dimensions 

When a shipment exceeds the legal dimensions set by the state in which the load is shipping, it is considered a heavy haul load.

  • Length – Overall length requirements differ state by state.
  • Weight – A shipment which is more than 80,000 lbs. gross weight will require overweight permits to travel in any state.
  • Width – A load which is more than 8’6” wide will require an oversize permit.
  • Height – The legal overall height of a load through most states is 13’6” high. However, some western states have a higher limit.

For all of the above standards, the load being hauled must be non-reducible. This means that a shipment must be hauled in its smallest form. Only if its smallest form exceeds the legal limits will a load require heavy haul permits.

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