5 Axle Trailer5-Axle Flatbed Trailer

A flatbed is the most basic of trailer equipment out there in the platform shipping segment. This trailer is excellent for carrying freight of all kinds (FAK). From commodities like pipes, steel coils, and lumber to machinery, equipment, and all things in between. Below are some of the standard equipment dimensions for these trailers, followed by the maximum legal commodity dimensions.

The “5-axle” name refers to the total number of axles in the combination tractor and trailer. Of course, there are also trailers with many more axles out there!

Flatbed Trailer Dimensions

Trailer Length: 48′ to 53′
Trailer Width: 8’6″
Deck Height: 5′
Empty Weight: 32,000 lbs.

Commodity Dimensions

Length: 48′ to 53′
Width: 8’6″
Height: 8’6″
Weight: 48,000 lbs.

5-Axle Step Deck Trailer

A step deck stretch trailer is a specialized trailer that provides the added ability to haul overheight and overlength shipments. Step deck trailers are typically used for transporting awkwardly-shaped loads or loads with smaller portions that can be shipped on the top deck. They have a broad range of uses, though their primary deck is slightly shorter than stretch flatbeds. Because this type of trailer is a bit rarer, it typically costs more to use. Overall, they are great universal trailers that provide solid functionality.

Step Deck Stretch Trailer Dimensions

Equipment Dimensions

Trailer Length: 48′ to 65′
Upper Deck Length: 8′- 11′
Lower Deck Length: 37′ to 65′
Trailer Width: 8’6″
Deck Height: 3′ to 3’6″
Empty Weight: 37,000 lbs

Commodity Dimensions

Length: 37′ to 43′
Width: 8’6″
Height: 10′
Weight: 46,000 lbs

5-Axle Double Drop Stretch Trailer Dimensions

5-axle double drops are specialized trailers for transporting large equipment and machinery. They specialize in tall and long freight, which usually means heavy hauls. They generally come with an RGN (removable gooseneck) to allow for a drive on and off capability. These trailers are sometimes difficult to come by, so planning ahead for a move using this type of trailer is important. Trailer specifications and state limits can vary, so plan accordingly.

Double Drop Stretch 5 Axle Trailer Dimensions

Equipment Dimensions

    1. Trailer Length – 48′
    1. Upper Deck Length – 8′- 11′
    1. Lower Deck Length – 29′ to 50′
    1. Trailer Width – 8’6″
    1. Deck Height – 18″ to 24″
    1. Empty Weight – 40,000 lbs

Commodity Dimensions

    1. Length – 29′ to 50′
    1. Width – 8’6″
    1. Height – 11’8″ to 12′
    1. Weight – 40,000 lbs