Overwidth Permit

overwidth permit

Of the four major dimensions (length, width, weight, and height), width is the most straightforward. However, it has complexities too. The maximum legal width of any load through any state is 8’6″. Any load which is over 8’6″ wide is overwidth or over-dimensional and may require a wide load permit. When a load exceeds 8’6″, you will need an overwidth permit to move an overwidth load from state to state.

State Requirements for Overwidth Loads

States differ widely in their rules and regulations for hauling overwidth loads and what it takes to obtain a wide load permit. Here are some examples of overwidth regulations that you may encounter. These regulations affect how a truck travels through a given state based on specific standards:

◊ Bridges on the route
◊ The width of the lane, meaning the actual width of the road lane
◊ Two-lane roads versus four-lane or interstate roads
◊ Non-designated roads – over 8’ is considered oversize on some routes
◊ Spring melt restrictions
◊ Commodity (for instance, bulldozer blades)


Escort and pilot requirements vary by state. Each state will further breakdown escorts depending on a given trucker’s overwidth shipment. For instance:

  • The overwidth dimension can determine escort requirements
  • The route can determine escort requirements
  • In addition to civilian escorts, police escorts may be required

Requirements for Overwidth Loads

All overwidth shipments must be marked with either warning flags or an “OVERSIZE” sign and an amber rotating and flashing beacon. Furthermore, intermediate protrusions in the width should also have flags. Oftentimes, you must also obtain a DOT wide load permit.

In addition, the maximum operating speeds for overwidth vehicles moving under the DOT wide load permit are determined by the following:

  • Legal width up to and including 10’6” – posted speed, except mobile homes are restricted to 45 mph,
  • 10’6” width up to and including 12 feet – 45 mph maximum or posted depending on route, except mobile homes are restricted to 40 mph,
  • 12 feet width up to and including 14 feet – 40 or 45 mph depending on route, except mobile homes are restricted to 35 mph,
  • 14 feet width up to and including 16 feet – 35 or 40 mph depending on route, except mobile homes are restricted to 35 mph,
  • Over 16 feet wide – 35 mph maximum.


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