What Is a Superload?

superload permitsA superload is over-dimensional such as oversized hauls. Though, a superload will exceed an oversized load in either width, height, length or weight. A superload can’t be divided or broken down to reduce its size. A superload is generally pieces of extremely heavy and large equipment. Superloads, transporting equipment are cranes, vessels, structures, etc. In addition, different states will define a superload differently. For instance, in Massachusetts, a superload is 130,000 lbs, however in Pennsylvania, cargo that surpasses 201,000 lbs. is considered to be a super load.

Superload Permits with OverweightPermits.com

When you are transporting a super load, you need experts on your side for this compound planning. OverweightPermits.com’s highly skilled team of permit agents will survey your route state by state, highway by highway to guarantee that every underpass and bridge crossing can admit the size and weight of your superload. OverweightPermits.com maintains all-inclusive route databases and fosters relationships with state and local government offices to ensure accurate and timely service. Our team runs through the entire route and offers alternates wherever the infrastructure may be insufficient to handle your superload.

Ship Your Superload in a Safe and Timely Manner

Hauling wide and heavy loads across the U.S. is not an easy deal. This is particularly true for Superloads. Superloads are loads that surpass a state’s routine permit standards (in height, length, width, or weight). It’s not an exaggeration to say that Superloads are the Major League of heavy haulage.

Why OverweightPermits.com Is the Best Superload Permit Provider

In OverweightPermits.com we don’t shy away from big challenges. Superloads are complex and demanding. There are always different obstacles and limits thrown your way. You need an agency that can surely navigate this in a safe and timely manner. Contact us at (888) 799-8858 today to learn how we can help you. You can also fill out our quote form which is on our website.