Lowboy Trailers


Lowboy trailers were invented in the 1920s and are unpowered trailers commonly used in hauling and transporting taller goods and items. This trailers usually haul items that are taller than the legal height. of items that can be carried by flatbeds and are usually industrial equipment like bulldozers.


A lowboy (low-loader in British English, low-bed in western Canada and South Africa or float in Australia) is a semi-trailer with two drops in deck height: one right after the gooseneck and one right before the wheels. This makes the deck be very low compared with other trailers. It allows the ability to carry legal loads up to 12 ft tall, which other trailers cannot. Lowboys are used to haul heavy equipment such as industrial equipment, bulldozers, etc.


Here are the maximum dimensions of a Lowboy trailer:

Maximum freight weight40,000 pounds (with two axles) and up to 80,000 pounds with extra axles
Maximum well length24 ft. to 29.6 ft.
Maximum well height18 in. to 24 in.
Maximum legal width8.5 ft.
Maximum legal freight height11.5 ft. to 12 ft.
Maximum legal overall load height14 ft.



RGN Trailers

Removable Gooseneck Trailers are commonly found on flatbed trailers called Lowboys. A removable gooseneck hitch is detachable allowing for swapping rigs.

There are multiple types of detachable goosenecks including ones with hydraulic lifters called Hydraulic RGNs or HRGNs as well as a standard Mechanical RGN (or MRGNs). MRGNs are usually preferred on longer trips since there isn’t a lot of detaching and are ideal for heavy hauls since they are lighter there is a less overall weight on the trailer’s frame and tires and less weight means less drag and less fuel expense, increased breaking time and more.

Most standard RGN Trailers are used for transporting heavy Haul Equipment, Machinery or large vehicles.  This type of trailer will range from 48’ to 53’ in length.

Here are some stats on RGNs:


Maximum RGN Hauling Capacity: 

This can easily exceed 150,000 lbs.


Maximum (legal) Freight Hauling Dimensions:

Front Deck10’ 7” Long x 8’ 5” Wide (102”) x High 8’ 5” (102”)
Main Deck30’ Long x 8’5” Wide x 11’8” (102”) High (142”) with a Main Deck ground clearance of 15” to 24”
Rear Deck9’ Long x 8’ 5” Wide (102”) x 10’ High (120”) and can expand to 13’6” Long
Description2 axles, 3 axles, 4 axles and trunnion axle with booster
Size26’, 28’ and 30’ well; 102” and 10’ wide; deck inserts up to 42’ total flat deck
Configurations2, 3, 4, 5, and 9 axles


35,40,45,50,55,70, and 85 ton
Setups8’6” wide and 10’ wide with 8tire and 16tire
Deck heights20” – 26”
Deck lengths26’, 27’, 28’, 29’, 30’ (40’ and 42’ includes 10’ and 15’ deck insert)




Potential Capabilities

Large concentrated weight, heavy equipment, oilfield equipment, crates and cargo Hydraulic removable neck for drive-on loads, reels and OD commercial machinery. (presses/shears, etc.)