West Virginia Oversize/Overweight Permits


West Virginia oversize permits valid for five calendar days. Drivers must have their permit prior to entering the state.


Operation is allowed from sunrise to sunset, Monday through Friday, plus the following for weekend movement: On Interstates and divided routes, weekend running is allowed if dimensions do not exceed 14’6 high, 14′ wide, 95′ long, or 15′ total overhang. Weekend running is permitted on US and WV routes when the dimensions do not exceed 14high, 12wide, 75long, and 10total overhang. On all other routes, weekend running is allowed when not exceeding 13’6 high, 12′ wide, 75′ long, and 10′ total overhang. Overweight-only loads not exceeding 110,000 lbs. gross are allowed 24/7 movement. Overweight-only loads exceeding 110,000 lbs. gross can only travel from sunrise to sunset, Monday through Friday.


No night running or overnight parking is allowed on the Parkway, so the cutoff time for entry depends on the time of year. Vehicles/loads over 14wide are restricted to Monday through Thursday movement; no Friday movement is allowed. Most of the other overdimensional rules are the same as on the Interstates in West Virginia.


  • 8’6″ Interstate and designated roads
  • 8′ on non-designated roads
Height: 13’6″
  • 53’ trailer or load on Interstate and designated highways, with a measurement from rear tractor axle to trailer first axle not exceeding 37’.
  • 48’ trailer and 60’ overall on non-designated roads
  • 3’ front
  • 6’ rear on all roads
Weight: 80,000 lbs. gross weight on designated routes, 65,000 lbs. on non-designated routes

  • Single – 20,000 lbs.
  • Tandem – 34,000 lbs.
  • Tridem – 42,500 lbs. (8’ spacings)


  • 16’ on 4-lanes
  • 15’ on 2-lanes
  • 16’ if the route can accommodate
  • Over 15’ needs engineer approval
Length: No limit if the route can accommodate
Weight: 120,000 lbs. gross weight

  • Single – 28,000 lbs.
  • Tandem – 45,000 lbs.
  • Tridem – 50,000 lbs.

Loads exceeding these dimensions are considered superloads.


When Escorts are Needed

On 2-Lane Highways:

Height 15’ 1 escort with a high pole in addition to any other escort
Height over 15’ 1 front escort with a high pole
Length at 75’ 1 rear escort
Length over 95’ 2 escorts
Overhang over 10’ either front or rear 1 escort
Width 10’6″ to 12’ 1 front escort
Width over 12’ 2 escorts
Width over 15’ 3 escorts
Width over 16’ As required by permit (must be accompanied by WV DOT).

On 4 or More Lane Highways:

Length over 95’ 1 escort
Length over 100’ 2 escorts
Overhang over 10’, either front or rear 1 escort
Height 15’ 1 escort with a high pole in addition to any other escort
Width over 12’ 1 escort
Width over 14’ 2 escorts
Width over 15’ 3 escorts
Width over 16’ As required by the route.

Local districts may impose additional escort requirements.


“Oversize Load” signs front and rear and six flags are required for all oversize loads in West Virginia. The flags should be displayed, one on each side of the front bumper of the power unit and one on each top corner of the load. Overhangs of more than 4’ require a flag or a flashing amber light. There are no sign or flag requirements for overweight-only loads.


Drivers may be unable to travel due to rain, snow, or other climatic conditions. On the WV Turnpike, a unit including its towing vehicle and load whose overall dimensions do not exceed the statutory limits given below may operate on the WV Turnpike without a special permit. The limits are 80′ long, 14′ wide, and 13′10″ high. A vehicle over these dimensions may obtain a permit at the WV Turnpike Toll Plaza. The maximum dimensions are 95′ long, 14′ wide, and 16′ high. Anything over these dimensions will need special approval from the Turnpike Administration Office prior to arriving at the toll plaza. All oversize unit permits will cost $3.50 per toll plaza traveled through. All vehicles over 14′ wide are restricted to Sunday travel only. Over-dimensional travel is usually not allowed on major holidays and holiday weekends.

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