Kentucky Overweight/Oversize Permits

PERMITS: Kentucky oversize permits are valid for ten calendar days. Must have a permit prior to entering the state.


OPERATING TIME: Kentucky now allows continuous running, 24/7 including Saturday and Sunday, except for restrictions below and super loads.






(80,000 lbs Gross)

13’6″53′ trailer or load on Interstate and designated highways; 65′ truck and trailer other highwaysSingle – 20,000 lbs
Tandem – 34,000 lbs
Tridem – 48,000 lbs
8’6″ Interstate and designated roads, 8′ on non-designated



Height: 15’6″*Width: 16′Length: 110′

Note: Loads over 15’6″ high are not permitted to travel through Kentucky. Delivery of such a load into Kentucky may be allowed on a one-time basis if the carrier can find safe routes for it. However, they usually will not allow it.



Gross WeightsAxle Weights
5 axles – 96,000 lbsSingle – 24,000 lbs
6 axles – 120,000 lbs (6 axles and 7 axles on 2-lane)Tandem – 45,000 lbs/5 axles; 48,000 lbs/6 or more
7 axles – 134,000 – 140,000* lbs (On 4-lane with a booster axle rather than a tridem to get over about 134,000)Tridem – 60,000 lbs
Quad – 80,000 lbs

These dimensions and weights may vary depending on routes.

Weight does not put you into superload status until around 300,000 pounds gross.



On 2-lane highways:

Over 14’11” – 1 front escort with height poleOver 10’6″ to 12′ – 1 escort
Over 12′ – 2 escorts
Over 75′ to 85′ – 1 escort
Over 85′ – 1 front and 2 rear escorts
Over 10′ – 1 escort (some highways may need 2 escorts)

On 4 or more lane divided highways:

Over 14’11” – 1 front escort with height poleOver 12′ – 1 escort
Over 14′ – 2 escorts
Over 16′ – 3 escorts
Over 10′ – 1 escort (some highways may need 2)Over 110′ – 1 escort

Over 120′ – 3 escorts



Specific Roadway Restrictions

Jefferson County (Louisville), Boone, Campbell, Kenton, and Fayette County. For all overweight/over-dimensional loads Monday – Friday restricts travel during the hours of 7:00–9:00 am and 4:00–6:00 pm. Also, vehicles traveling I-75 must enter Ohio by I-275.

Owensboro Bridge No travel is allowed on the 431 bridge in Owensboro.
The following parkway routes are controlled by the state permit office: Audubon Parkway William H. Natcher Parkway Blue Grass Parkway Pennyrile Parkway Hal Rogers Parkway Western Kentucky Parkway Combs Mountain Parkway JP Parkway (Jackson Purchase Parkway) Cumberland Parkway

Moving heavy equipment at railroad grade crossings: No railroad rule **Must contact railroad company if moving house and/or super load.