Will there be better compensation for Truck Drivers? Maybe, after Arkansas ruling


A new definition of working time

What constitutes “working time” for truck drivers? Are truck drivers being compensated enough for their non-driving time? According to a recent Arkansas court ruling, the answer is no. Thi...Read More

The Deadliest Occupation: Truck Driver

Every year the US Government conducts workplace fatality census.   The latest consensus revealed that the deadliest occupation in the United State last year was truck driver, while the highway accidents were the main cause of deaths of wor...Read More

FMCSA Administrator Wants to Hear Truckers’ Voice on HOS Proposal

Ray Martinez, the head of FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration), need to hear your voice.   He said he wants to hear what truckers have to say about the HOS Proposal. That is the reason he visited the Great American Trucking Show...Read More

Will a New Safety Program Help with Protecting Fleets and Drivers?

Vehicle accidents are one the most expensive ones of injury claims for businesses, due to The National Safety Council. The average cost of a loss related to a vehicle accident is nearly 2 times as much as the average workplace injury.   A ...Read More

ELD Regulations Causing Truck Drivers to Leave the Workforce?

U.S. Department of Transportation will be obligated to start a project dedicated to studying the increase or decrease in the number of truck drivers that have stopped driving because of ELD rules.  ...Read More

Trucking Industry Experiencing High Shortage of Truck Drivers

It appears as though the trucking industry is having a bit of shortage with truck drivers.   This is happening mainly in South Carolina. Statistics show that if nothing ...Read More

What Every Truck Needs For Anti-Theft Security Systems

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Truck Driver Shortage Can Lead to Product Price Increase

Most possibly the product you are about to buy is brought to the store on a truck. And the cost of that item could keep going up as companies find themselves having to pay higher shipping costs. Why? Because there are no enough truckers to make the ...Read More

Improved Growth and Profitability of US Trucking Companies

U.S. trucking companies are coming off a year of improved sales growth and profitability, according to data from Sageworks, a financial information company. And some industry experts believe 2018 could mark the start of several years of strong result...Read More

The Most Number of Big Rigs Ordered by Trucking Companies in Just One Month

In January, trucking companies ordered the most number of new big rigs in nearly 12 years, as they hustled to take advantage of one of the hottest freight markets in recent memory.   A nationwide shortage of trucks has sent shipping costs ...Read More