Class 8 Truck Bookings Rise While Manufacturers Take Orders

By August's end, manufacturers were able to look into ordering class 8 trucks. This may be happening in spite of the microchip shortage. But to see the growth of one era, you may have to witness the destruction of another. He...Read More

Fuel Prices Start To Plateau As Of Recently… Good News For Trucks?

Well, lately everything that's anything with trucking has been on the up-and-down. This being due to a falling and rising of gasoline prices is only indicative of the way time is shifting as of recent. There's a 2.5-year high...Read More

Mercedes-Benz Soon to Start Production of the e-Econic

The Mercedes-Benz famous electric heavy-duty truck, eActros, make its digital debut earlier in June. It now also has a younger brother "brother," e-Econic. Moreover, the purpose is not necessarily an exciting one, it still de...Read More

Semi-Trucks Fined For Truck Route Violations Seemingly So Easily

A town in Midwest America is considering doubling the fines that will be directly for semi-trucks and their drivers who disobey the truck routes so plainly laid ahead of the drivers. Truck drivers are likely to get citations ...Read More

DOT is Outlining The Regulatory Priorities In Wake of ClearingHouse

Automatic emergency braking, Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse revisions, a revision to the vision standard for drivers and more are among a bevy of rules the U.S. Department of Transportation plans to work on over the next year...Read More

Flatbed Owner-Operators Earn Expectations Despite Strange Virus

Flatbed owner-operators have brought a really good deal. As 2020 turned out, there has been net income sure enough that can top a year in $65,000 similar to ATBS client averages.

Truckers are experiencing more sleep apnea than ever before. This is due to a rise of the condition as a threat to owner-operators hitting the road, for long spans of time, without any rest. It was back in 2000 that the Scope...Read More

Hydrogen Colors Have Different Values, As You Can Learn

Hydrogen is slowly but surely becoming more of our world. This is largely due to the rest of the alternative fuel landscape becoming a little less convincing as much as it is. The value in it is to reduce the global warming. ...Read More

Fright Not, Freights! Green Tech and Carbon Offsets Slash The Emissions

Anyone involved in freight and logistics or concerned about climate change needs to know the following statistics.

The U.S. is consistently one of the top greenho...Read More

“Maximum Overdrive” Was Insane! Trivia About The Stephen King Horror

Stephen King is arguably the mastermind behind some of contemporary Read More