Progressive Groups Mobilize for ‘National Day of Solidarity’

Progressive groups are planning a "National Day of Solidarity" on Saturday, November 7th. The groups feel buoyant by Democratic President Nominee Joe Biden's prospects in the presidential race.

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President Donald Trump and Fauci Have Opposing Views on the Pandemic

President Donald Trump Tries to Expose Fauci

President Donald Trump verbally attacked Dr. Anthony Fauci on Monday. This was during a phone call with campaign sta...Read More

Helen Reddy, an American Music Icon and International Pop Star, has Died

Helen Reddy, an American music icon and international pop star, has died. Reddy passed away on September 29th, 2020 in Los Angeles, CA. She was 78. This information came from a statement on her Facebook fan page. Ms. Reddy li...Read More

Jet Without A Fret To Reno And Burbank With Hop-On

BURBANK, CA - An agreement to have a hop-on jet between Reno, Nevada and Burbank, California has been set in stone as tourism picks back up.

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Trucking Rates Increase Again in October: Long-Haul is Going Places

At the start of the 4th quarter, data on producer costs displays that overall inflation had growth. Trade detail showed that transportation rates had another substantial boost in October.   According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics repor...Read More

Facebook Employees’ Bus and Heavy-duty Truck Crashed: 2 People Injured

According to the California Highway Patrol, a bus transporting Facebook employees and a truck collided on Wednesday.   The collision resulted in closing all lanes of Highway 84.   California Highway Patrol chief officer Damian J...Read More

“Why Do You Need a Driver’s Cabin When There’s No Driver?” : All-Electric Driverless Truck Was Unveiled

The first all-electric driverless freight truck was unveiled on Wednesday. Volvo Trucks is the world’s second-biggest heavy-duty truck maker after Daimler Trucks.   The new semi-truck Volvo’s Vera has no driver’s cabin and looks like...Read More

Semi-truck Plant in Coolidge Will Create Up to 2000 jobs

Coolidge is going to turn into an ideal place to develop a manufacturing plant according to the company specialized in the development of hybrid trucks. Nikola Corporation specializes in building pure electric and hydrogen-electric powertrains for bi...Read More

A Logging Truck Lost Control and Crashed into a North Carolina Church

HAW RIVER, North Carolina -- There are no on hurt after a logging truck reportedly lost control of its brakes and crashed into two other vehicles and a North Carolina church.   The incident took place at almost 4:30 yesterday afternoon in ...Read More

Economic Growth in Freight Transportation Causes Lack of Truck Drivers

The need for freight transportation has been increased according to the economic growth over the past 6 months, but the industry is facing a lack of drivers.   The trucking industry is encountering a 50,000-truck driver shortage, according...Read More