E-Inspections Demonstrated At Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance

If you know anything about weigh stations, you know that they can be a pain in your rearview window. But luckily, not all truckers will have to subject themselves to this ordinary bore. Drivewyze, the weigh station bypass ser...Read More

Logistics Pay Rates Raised Higher So Truckers Are Enticed To Join

The massive shortage of truck drivers in the US is boosting drivers' pay — but it isn't enough to fill job vacancies in the industry.

The coronavirus pandemic trigger...Read More

President Joe Biden Pays A Visit To The Mack Plant

When the President, Joe Biden, came to the Mack Plant to visit, he did so with a purpose.

To bring about changes that would revolutionize the Buy American Ac...Read More

Comdata partners with DAT for Fuel Card and Rewards Program

For small fleets and owner-operators, there is a brand-new program that allows customers to take care of fuel and maintenance expense payments. Additionally, there's also a manner of finding discounts through the mobile platf...Read More

Truck Stop Became One Of The Historic First To Denounce Face Masks

Truck Stops like the Company of Love's is very well-known to facilitate new rules for that of all of logistics. And with that well understood, it looks like the bastion of the truck stop community has finally let down their g...Read More

Ford CEO Jim Farley is Set to Make on His Promise of Ford’s Likeability

Ford CEO Jim Farley is using a metaphor when asked if he is concerned about electric truck competitors. "Moreover, there are a lot of great soda companies out there, but there is only one coke. You can bring on the Mount...Read More

Autonomous Trucking Industry will Forever Change the Way Truckers Drive

The autonomous trucking industry is ushering in a monumental change. At this time, there nearly a dozen companies around the world are working on developing autonomous trucking. It features many sensors that feed data to a co...Read More

Rivian Electric Trucks are Going to use Cells From Samsung SDI

Rivian has said that it will use Samsung SDI battery cells for its R1T electric pickup truck and R1S electric SUV. In addition to its forthcoming commercial vehicles.

PepsiCo says by the end of this year that it is expecting 15 Tesla Semi electric trucks, It will give the company better insights into Tesla’s plan to produce and deliver the electric truck. Delayed many times is the Tesla ...Read More

Batteries Or Hydrogen for Big (Clean) Trucks? Volvo Group Bets on Both

Batteries for Tesla Vehicles

Batteries are the best option for Tesla vehicles that are commercial models. However, they hold less traction for the Volvo Group tha...Read More