A Logging Truck Lost Control and Crashed into a North Carolina Church

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HAW RIVER, North Carolina — There are no on hurt after a logging truck reportedly lost control of its brakes and crashed into two other vehicles and a North Carolina church.


The incident took place at almost 4:30 yesterday afternoon in Haw River, North Carolina, according to the local news.


Police say that the log truck driver, who remains unidentified, was traveling south on N.C. 49. As he approached a stop light at an intersection near the church when he realized that there was something wrong with his brakes. The driver reportedly swerved left in an attempt to drive into a field next to Lamb’s Chapel Church but wound up striking two passenger vehicles and then crashing into the church.


The truck came to a stop with the cab completely inside the building.


Among the passengers, there was one transported to the hospital for treatment of unknown injuries. No one else was hurt.


Senior Pastor Phil Seay says that a church teacher had been sitting in the area of the church where the truck ended up just 15 minutes before the crash.


Police say that they do not believe that drugs or alcohol were a factor in the crash and that a preliminary investigation does point to brake failure as the cause of the crash.


Sgt. Doug Faulls of the Haw River Police Department says that he does not plan to file charges.


Although there is a huge damage on the building, Seay said, “You can’t look at that building and not believe in God.”


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