Indiana Armored Truck Opened and Thousands of Dollars Flew Out on I-70

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INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana – Police of Indiana say drivers were picking up cash on an interstate in Indianapolis after the back doors of a Brinks armored truck opened and hundreds of thousands of dollars flew out.


Officials at the scene initially said up to $600,000 had flown across the interstate. Police later said the exact amount was not known.


State police spokesman Sgt. John Perrine says it was hundreds of thousands o Interstate 70on the city’s southwest at about 9 a.m.


“Bags of money were falling out of the back onto the interstate,” ISP Corporal Brock McCooe said.  “Sort of something out of a movie scene, where you have bills, loose bills flying all over the interstate, vehicles stopping, people getting out of their cars.”


People were jumping over fences from the adjacent neighborhood to stuff their pockets with money, officials say.


“I guess it’s not every day you see thousands of dollars just floating around on the interstate during your morning commute,” McCooe said.  “So, it was pretty chaotic.”


Officers blocked traffic as they helped collect money from along the highway. Perrine says an undetermined amount remains unaccounted for as some drivers stopped to scoop up cash.


Indiana Police Department says anyone who picked up the money could be charged with theft and he urged them to contact state police to return it.

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