The Latest Innovations in Trailer Technology

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Trailers are a huge part of the transportation industry, so, of course, they are constantly evolving. If you think that the last advance in trailer technology was the invention of the removable gooseneck trailer, you’re in for a surprise. Here are some of the latest innovations that are changing the trucking industry.

Safety innovations: anti-collision software

One of the biggest innovations in the transportation technology sector is one that is becoming a part of personal vehicles as well. Many modern trucks and trailers come with sensors that help truckers avoid collisions. These sensors can alert drivers when they are drifting into another lane. They can alert drivers when another driver is in their blind spot, preventing a merge-induced collision. They can even start slowing a truck before it crashes into a vehicle in front of it. After all, the long haul is exhausting, and truckers can lose focus on the road. These sensors help reduce the capacity for damage that human error can introduce.

Cargo security: technology which monitors a trailer and its cargo

Some technological innovations protect trailers even when they aren’t out on the road. Trailer monitoring systems can protect a truck’s precious cargo, both while out on the road and sitting in a parking lot. These systems, sometimes called “trailer health monitoring” systems, use cameras and sensors to check on the trailer inside and out. This can alert the truck driver if something fragile gets jostled during transit, but it can also protect the trailer from bad actors while stationary. Cargo security is incredibly important for trucking companies, and these technologies help keep that cargo safe to its destination.

Looking forward: self-driving trucks

There is certainly some exciting technology on the horizon for the trucking industry. Autonomous vehicles are one of the most talked-about innovations in the transportation sector. Like autonomous personal vehicles, however, they are still a ways off from wide usage. Especially for trucks, the technology needs to be airtight before it will be approved for long-distance hauling. And even once that happens, human drivers will still constitute the bulk of the transportation industry. Still, this and other technologies of the near future offer a reason for excitement for the future of trucking.

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