Truck Stop Became One Of The Historic First To Denounce Face Masks

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Truck Stops like the Company of Love’s is very well-known to facilitate new rules for that of all of logistics. And with that well understood, it looks like the bastion of the truck stop community has finally let down their guard even. The company is no longer announcing necessity to wear face masks beginning next week. Employees and customers alike who happen to be under total vaccines versus the COVID-19 virus are not in need of wearing masks around various Love’s truck stop spots. The customers who aren’t vaccinated will have to wear masks still from that point on.

Love’s has been recognizing that various cities, states and counties to have their own requirements. Love’s has had a mask requirement in touch for the customers and workers since the time of June 2020.

The President of Love’s Truck Stops, Shane Wharton, has made it known that “We will continue to be diligent about health and safety as ever before. We want to thank our customers for wearing masks in our stores and for the patience they’ve shown as we worked toward this decision.”

The truck stop company has made their efforts known.

For starters, that there’s specific disinfectant used with social distancing. Additionally, there were plexiglass at various store locations.

You would assume that people could be safe if they just followed the guidelines. But being that they haven’t, the very idiocy that follows from one infecting owner-operator at a truck stop to another is just terrible. It drags on like a terrible phenomenon. And perhaps there’s a judgment to be passable on this type of slow activity but at the same time. For those poor individuals who have to work but find themselves acting against their beliefs, whyever then would they jeopardize the safety of others surrounding them?

Answers to these and more will be seen in due time.

But to really be specific about these problems, these problems of the unvaccinated few… You have to wonder, why is it so troublesome?

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