Citations All Around! Operation Safe Driver Week Generates 7,500

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In case you have no idea, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s annual Operation Safe Driver Week just happened. It is a blitz for law enforcement to check out over 18,000 passenger vehicles in order to prevent dangerous driving. The date this year? July 11th through 17th. Chances are when getting pulled over, you may have been part of a nationwide scheme to figure out who is the most palpable and at fault. Within the United States, speeding happens to be the main target of such a week. And in that time, there has been a whopping 8,438 warnings and 12,264 citations. The drivers of commercial motor vehicles themselves?

Drivers of trucks are receiving about 4,420 warnings and 3,158 citations.

Talk about a tough break for truckers, right? Commercial vehicle drivers have been able to bring on their most pitiful mistakes. An example being obeying traffic control, texting with a handheld phone, and incorrect lane changes. The CVSA pools together violations into local driver violations. During which case you can expect equipment violations, expired license plate tags, and inoperable lamps. Commercial vehicle drivers by now have been able to get a whopping amount of 6,631 warnings and 4,007 citations for these violations.

In accordance to the one-week enforcement blitz put on by the CVSA, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration instilled a seven-week investigative event. In which case, trucking companies have been organized enough to track their crashes as well as unsafe driving behavior.

The FMCSA ran this search-and-destroy-spree from June 7th to July 16th. The FMCSA would make a bigger deal out of moderate-risk and high-risk carriers in both the case of remote on-site and off-site investigations. FMCSA members have been able to take into account hundreds of citations with about 30 unsatisfactory ratings. When you really take a good look at it, nine of 291 investigations result in enforcement to violate 392.2, which is typically a whole of citations.

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