Electrification Coming With Supercharged Ambitions!

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When you need to get a truck for the future, your best bet is to go electric. And these days, everyone is making their semi-truck electric. It’s just the popular option. The thing about trucks becoming more electrified is that it’s necessary. Look at Tesla, for instance. They start this whole obsession with electric vehicles. And then before you know it, the rest of the industry feels the need to plug into this mindset. It just so happens that the Cybertruck is electric. So who is to follow? Ford? GM? Dodge? Electrification is what everyone deserves.

Tesla has made it evident that they could offer electric semis, with a tractor that can haul semi-trailers across the United States without fail. Of course, in classic Musk form, it would appear that any sign of a Semi truck powered by electrification is only possible after 2023.

Tesla also announced some time ago that it would offer an electric semi — the tractor that hauls semi-trailers back and forth across the continent and everywhere in between. Then yesterday, Elon Musk announced the Semi is delayed until 2023 at the earliest.

Volvo got an order for 100 trucks to go through electrification for the company DFDS. And the latter party paid about 19 billion euros for such an instance. Technically, speaking that could very well be the largest order to date, when it comes to Volvo electric trucks. Maybe even one of the largest instances of electrification.

Electrification is, without a doubt, coming for us all. It is inevitable and truly a scenario that we can’t escape. Nothing is better than realizing that electrification is what we all need in our modern-day automobiles. It is a necessary pursuit for the sake of humanity.

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