Flatbed Owner-Operators Earn Expectations Despite Strange Virus

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Flatbed owner-operators have brought a really good deal. As 2020 turned out, there has been net income sure enough that can top a year in $65,000 similar to ATBS client averages.

Flatbed haulers know exactly what March may bring in a surge. It’s for the over-the-top construction season. If their 2021 earnings are worthy then they will be up and away from $70,000.

First-quarter earnings had been going downward from beyond 2020. A big factor is that the first quarter miles have also been down. The President of ATBS had noted this, according to the nation’s largest owner-op financial services firm.

What he’s said: “Drivers are making significantly more revenue per mile in this robust market. This means they will be more choosy on loads, run less to make similar or more net.” The President of the last year continued with: “They ran more miles last year, I think, out of fear and an uncertain future. People seem more confident this is going to be a good year, so owner-operators are likely back in a normal operating mode.”

Furthermore, it’s plain to see that in this effort, the independent operator clients for the ATBS has indicated that there would be at least $16,481, or 67.7 cents per mile. With such a pace like that, the year’s average? Well, if you look at it from a wider angle for the group, well that would total almost $66,000 pretty much.

And if you ask any of the experts, you can rightfully assume that such margins are slightly below the 2020 average annual income of $67,742. Furthermore, most economic indicators happen to be showing stronger prospects of which have potential. That type of opportunity van take owner-op income higher. Such is the case, tight trucking capacity which has been steadily pushing up rates can be a good deal. Especially for spot market freight, as well as the driver pay which may as well continue should the pandemic be continuing to drive fear into hearts as is the case with the pandemic, which still continues to subside in the U.S. to this very day.

Based on such performance and forecasts, Amen said, “I’d expect owner-operators to improve their net this year over an already great last year.”

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