AAA Cooper Transportation Launching New ACTION TRAC®

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Primarily, AAA Cooper has recently introduced the ACTION TRAC® to the market.

It represents visibility, just like it did since it’s inception in 2019. Over time, the system grew exponentially as a part of customers’ work lives. It’s because they rely on real-time location that AAA Cooper has experienced such success in their supply chain sector. And combo that with status, and actual ETA features? Unstoppable. Unquestionable. Undisputable.

Furthermore, they’re considered integral parts of anyone’s planning system.

Charlie Prickett, the company’s president and chief operating officer, had this to say: “Providing pre-pickup visibility… [it] was the natural next step.” He goes on to affirm their real-time visibility “to be the most innovative carrier on the market.” Clients include large organizations like Amazon and The Home Depot. Which shows they know how to prioritize their supply chains.

That visibility is something they rely on to support the each customer’s desired experience. However, plenty of smaller organizations still struggle as they see it “out of reach.”

With such flexibility and scalability, it’s no wonder that the trucks AAA Cooper handles is customizably easy, despite of customer shipping volume. Additionally, this visibility has no extra cost.

“AAA Cooper serves a very diverse customer base.”

AAA Cooper has some of the most well-processed technologies, and therefore, are very future-friendly. In fact, they’ve invested in systems that can even allow customers the transaction-level visibility to meet those needs.

Additionally, the unique pressures of today’s operating environment demand a great deal of attention. According to AAA Cooper, pre-pickup visibility allows customers to focus on those demands. This is with the understanding they have the ability to with the peace of mind given by proactive, real-time notifications. The company says early feedback suggests that its customers are taking advantage of the features the system offers.

Finally, the AAA Cooper VP of Quality and Customer Solutions Lee McMillan had this to add; “We launched on a Monday, and by that Wednesday approximately 12% of our daily pickup requests were generating status requests.”

Also, this was through ACTION TRAC®. As you can imagine, customers were communicating that this insight has been having a significant impact on their operations.

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