Ford F-MAX Delivers The Efficiency You Deserve As A Trucker

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Ford is one of those brands that just can’t stop winning. They have an amazing reputation as one of the most well-known automakers on the planet. They were the first to automate production on assembly lines, give workers a fair day’s wage, and create vehicles that the everyday consumer can enjoy. As far as trucks go? They practically were the grandaddies of the bedded pickup truck design. However, today isn’t a day to solely thank Ford for pickups.

Today is a day to honor them for an amazing cabover that deserves way more praise in the community for how heavy it can haul.

This heavy-duty cabover is something else. A Flat-nosed truck with industrial and commercial applications, the F-Max was introduced to replace the long-running Ford Cargo. It’s a one-size-fits-all Tractor Configuration with a 4×2 axle and helluva an engine!

The engine itself? A Ford 13.0L Ecotorq!

With 12.7 Liters of diesel shooting through the straight-six engine at almost 500 horsepower and 1,843 lb-feet of torque, the Ecotorq doesn’t play around. It’s also ready for action, thanks to a 12-speed ZF Traxon automatic gearbox.

On the outside, you’ve got a lot of cool features to enjoy this Ford with. Such as the loud and proud vertical LED headlights. They’re placed lower on the truck’s fascia for better visibility. Of course, you’ve got the flat-nose windshield for more optimized visibility and an aerodynamic side profile for maxed-out driver efficiency.

The body is accommodating to large trailers and comprises the engine, transmission, and cabin. The whole flat-nose front of the fascia allows to better maneuver tighter city streets. There’s nothing else quite like it as it comes with a unique wheelbase-drivetrain combination. The 2.5m Mega Cab is tall and narrow enough for the driver to walk around in. The roof itself has a huge storage area perfect for the driver to keep any necessary items up there so as not to block operations.

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