Here’s How You Can Prepare For Inspections During Roadcheck

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This year the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance is holding their Roadcheck blitz from May 16 to May 18 all over the highways of the United States of America.

Don’t be caught like a deer in the headlights! Here are some fast tips to prepare for what may inevitably be make or break for your commercial vehicle. Truckers, listen up.

Avoid Level 1 Inspections By Looking Clean!

If an inspector is sitting at a red light and looking at your truck thinking, “well, look at that guys truck! There are several safety features missing from its rear!” The likelihood is that they will pull you over in search of bigger in fractions! Do not be missing any of the required safety features that your commercial vehicle must have as it travels interstate.

if you haven’t already, think about doing a pre-check so that way you can identify any of these missing requirements before you hit the road.

Attitude! Get it right, Mister!

at the end of the day we are all humans, even the inspectors. So one thing to bear in mind, is to not be mean. They’re just doing their job, they’re getting paid a little less than what they think they should be getting paid, they don’t want to be stern but they’re happy to if it means saving lives on the road. Yeah that does not mean such inspectors or without compassion empathy or understanding. So much like getting pulled over by the police, attitude can really seal the deal or break the seal when it comes to maintaining good standings with the CVSA.

Hopefully this is nothing to worry about, given that most drivers not only take pride in their work and obtain their legitimacy by maintaining their truck to be the highest of examples when it comes to clean commercial vehicles, but they are also lonely and in solitude for many weeks at a time on the road, so therefore would probably enjoy the chance for a friendly conversation or kind reminder. Be one of these people and don’t be a jerk.

Do your research.

The CVSA has in plain English, requirements they’re looking for this year. So please be on top of it and don’t be surprised.

Word on the street, cargo securement will be a big factor in this year‘s blitz, so be sure you’re getting those knuckles dirty as you tighten down every bolt on your vehicle as that may be an area of interest for inspectors upon any Roadcheck.

Automatic braking systems, maybe one of the most important features of a vehicle, will also be an area of your truck that you may want to do a double triple and quadruple check on. Just saying.

Handle everything correctly, and you may not even have to overturn any DataQs. If you do, there’s always every states local trucking ordinances that can help you resolve the issue. Plus, dash-cams are a helpful tool indeed.

Good luck!

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