On the Road Essentials for Truck Drivers

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These are the essentials all trucker must have!
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Whether you are a truck driver on the road for the first time ever or have been on the road for over 30 years, all truck drivers have the same needs. The journey is similar for most truck drivers, mostly just altering based on where you are traveling, for how long you are traveling, and what you are transporting. No matter what differences lie with regard to those potential factors, all truck drivers will need to keep all of these essentials on hand.

Shower Shoes

If you are a new truck driver, you may not think of packing shower shoes, but they are one of the biggest essentials for a trucker. Showering is something you do as quickly as you can, whenever you can, while you are on the road. Whenever you do get the opportunity to take a shower, the last thing you want to have to do is worry about potential diseases and infections. Protect yourself and your fellow truck-driving colleagues and remember to always pack your shower shoes.

Back-Up Clothes

Trucking can sometimes be a messy and chaotic job. You never want to one second be looking, smelling, and feeling fresh and clean just to then be stuck in clothes you get dirty on the road. You always want to pack backup clothes just in case of an emergency. You never know what kind of situation you will find yourself in, so it is very important to just have at least one backup outfit.

High-Visibility Jacket

Whether you are stopping to repair something on the truck or stuck in low visibility weather, having a high visibility jacket is massively important. You can keep yourself safe by keeping yourself seen in countless situations.

Tire Pressure Gauge

As a trucker, you know you all need to know some basic information about truck repair in case of an emergency. One thing that is helpful to have to assist with any repairing you may have to do is a gauge to detect tire pressure. This will help keep your truck driving smoothly and keep yourself and others on the road around you safe.

Traffic Cones and Flares

Similarly, to the tire pressure gauge, you need to pack things for emergency situations, as you never know what kind of situation you will find yourself in. It is very good to have a few cones and flares in your truck, in case you need to signal an emergency to those sharing the road with you.


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