PepsiCo is Expecting Tesla Semi electric trucks will be delivered

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PepsiCo says by the end of this year that it is expecting 15 Tesla Semi electric trucks, It will give the company better insights into Tesla’s plan to produce and deliver the electric truck. Delayed many times is the Tesla Semi program. However, it looks like the automaker can now prepare to start production and its deliveries.

Tesla Volume Production

CEO Elon Musk told employees in an email that “it’s time to bring Tesla Semi to volume production” this is without updating this timeline.

Tesla has specified that the electric truck would enter production this year. It would have some deliveries for customers.

With the new Tesla Simi prototypes being spotting, we have seen some evidence of that going to happen. It would be the first time since the original two prototypes unveiled in 2017.

What kind of volume Tesla can achieve this year is unclear in terms of the electric truck program. However, we are now getting an idea through a project with PepsiCo.

PepsiCo Wants Alot of Tesla Semi Trucks

One of the biggest orders for Tesla Semi, PepsiCo has placed. This was after the launch of Tesla Semi in 2017. They want to add 100 electric trucks to their fleet.

Zero-Emission Facility

Some of those trucks for a project are planning by the company. It is to turn its Frito-Lay site into a zero-emission facility in Modesto, California.

PepsiCo Update on the Project

“The equipment and infrastructure in place at the site that includes most 60 tractors, box trucks, yard trucks, and more to date. Also include are forklifts generated by electric, lithium-ion technologies, or natural gas with renewable attributes. This year, the remaining 15 electric tractors are expected to deploy later on.

“To support the project. it incorporates an adjoining natural gas station with sustainable attributes. In addition to solar carports, battery storage, truck charging systems, and employee electric charging stations.”

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