Progressive Groups Mobilize for ‘National Day of Solidarity’

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Progressive groups are planning a “National Day of Solidarity” on Saturday, November 7th. The groups feel buoyant by Democratic President Nominee Joe Biden’s prospects in the presidential race.

Progressive Groups Will Appear at More Than 70 Events

The coordinated effort and coalition of progressive groups will cover 40 states. Those include more than 70 events beginning midday.

230 People-Powered Organizations Are Coming Together

Leaders of 230 people-powered organizations across the country are coming together, lifting up our voices. Angela Peoples, director of the umbrella group Democracy Defense Coalition, said. Peoples spoke to NBC News exclusively in an interview. The objective is to celebrate record high ballot counts nationwide. While they are “making sure that every vote is counts. Also the voices of the people are what won out the day,” she explained.

Progressive Groups Figuring out Ways to Mobilize After Election Day Regardless of the Outcome

The groups mapped out multiple ways to mobilize progressives after Election Day. It was regardless of the outcome possible to be unpredictable. This was ahead of the election. The coalition explained that “continuing and coordinating action” is the best way to facilitate ongoing support for progressives. This was through materials sent to organizers of faith, labor, women, environmental and social justice groups.

Keeping COVID-19 Protocols at the Forefront of All Live Activities

All local COVID-19 safety protocols at Saturday’s events should be respected. This will include everything from rallies and demonstrations to live music and artistic expressions.

People Have the Power

“The last four years have shown us that our best bet is to resist efforts that push us backwards. That is using people power. Therefore, that is why we’re coming together,” Peoples said.

President Donald Trump is Responsible for What Ills America but He is Also the Inspiration for “Unleashing a Wave of Activism.”

A wave of activism across the country came about because of President Donald Trump’s surprise presidential win in 2016. This was evident throughout cites in the days after his inauguration. There were random demonstrations at airports from the March for Our Lives rallies after the 2018 Parkland school shooting in Florida. To the most recent social justice movement brought on by the police killing of George Floyd. Protesters often assured their activism would garner political changes.

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