Rivian Electric Trucks are Going to use Cells From Samsung SDI

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Rivian has said that it will use Samsung SDI battery cells for its R1T electric pickup truck and R1S electric SUV. In addition to its forthcoming commercial vehicles.

Rivian is Gearing up for Production of its Trucks

There is the announcement of a battery supplier. This is a major piece of the information equation for the R1T and R1S. In fact, they are scheduling to start the production this summer. Moreover, Rivian said in the past that the R1T would start production at the Normal, Illinois, in its factory in June. In August, it would be then following by the R1S.

Battery Packs

A few details of its battery packs have been discussing by Rivian. It is showing some original cooling solutions that allow it to pack cells more closer to one another than Tesla or other EV manufacturers.

Rivian will use Large Pack and Max Pack

The R1T will get more than 300 miles of range with the 135-kilowatt-hour “Large pack” available at the launch. The 180-kWh “Max pack” for the R1T allows more than 400 miles of range. Yet it won’t be available until early 2022. Also in the works is the 105-kWh pack option affording 250 miles of range.

Testing the pack in some extreme environments, the company has claimed. It says its battery management system can learn for performance and battery life. Given the designs of the R1T and R1S is very important that it focuses on towing and off-roading.

Battery Packs Can Handle Abuse and have a Great Warranty Coverage

Battery packs can handle the abuse of owners with energetic lifestyles. Rivian is confident about that. Beating the coverage given on other EVs out to 175,000 miles, the company has revealed it last month it will offer a warranty.

Samsung SDI is a Well-Known Battery Supplier

Samsung SDI is an major battery supplier, providing cells for many other vehicles as well.

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