Route Calculation: How We Do It

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If you’re a trucker with an oversize or overweight load, you’re going to need to take special care when planning your route. Even routes that allow standard semi-trucks sometimes restrict overdimensional transport. Luckily for you, we can help you with your route calculation! But how do we do it? We have a few tricks up our sleeve to help us give you the perfect route. Read on to learn how can help you plan your transport.

We consider the type of load you have

Firstly, we have to factor in the type of load you’ll be hauling. The dimension that you exceed has a big impact on route calculation. For example, some routes will allow loads that are just overweight, but if they’re overlength as well, things can get complicated. Some routes will have different restrictions based on where along the route you travel. We make sure to weigh the type of load you have and its dimensions, as this can have major impacts on your route. Then, we move onto the legal side.

We check the current regulations

Every state, city, and even town has its own regulations regarding transportation. Most larger cities restrict travel for loads and tractors of a certain size. Some smaller towns may have narrow roads or historic bridges that can’t support certain vehicles. Our team stays up-to-date on these ever-changing regulations, ensuring that you won’t run into any legal surprises on your route. When we do your route calculation, we’ll confer with our experts to be certain that your load will be able to travel where it needs to go.

We make it as easy as possible on you and your truck

The last portion of the route calculation process is to increase the efficiency of a given route. In the transportation industry, time is incredibly important, so we’ll make sure the route we find for you takes up as little time as possible. But you also want to be fuel efficient, right? We consider that, too. We want to ensure that your route wastes nothing, so we’ll take the time to plan out a route for you that leaves you wanting nothing more.

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