Fuel Prices Start To Plateau As Of Recently… Good News For Trucks?

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Well, lately everything that’s anything with trucking has been on the up-and-down. This being due to a falling and rising of gasoline prices is only indicative of the way time is shifting as of recent. There’s a 2.5-year high happening through the week of August 2nd, according to what the Department of Energy reports. This has been falling at about 1.1 cents for a while now, thanks to what the gallon of on-highway diesel says.

Specifically at about $3.356. That’s approximately eight-tenths of a cent decrease for the week that ends in August sixteenth, if you want to believe in that. The prices have also been falling three-tenths of a cent through the week of August 9th.

Of course, in the state of California, for instance, gas prices for truckers had a spike. Diesel went up approximately 3.1 cents in the past seven days, here on the west coast. Whereas there was a dip to be seen at the Lower Atlantic and Rocky Mountain regions.

The nation deserves more respect when it comes to the way gas is treated here in the states. When you take a look at how the diesel dropped in those latter two regions, you can tell prices had sunk to 1.8 cents.

At this point, the cheapest fuel is in the Gulf Coast at about $3.073 per gallon. Whereas in California, $4.319 reigns high.

As the data stands, ProMiles Fuel Surcharge Index details fuel prices bringing the national average to about $3.292 per gallon. Isn’t that insane?

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