Hotshot Trucking Still Is A Big Hit Among Owner-Operators

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When you need to deliver cars from one spot to another, you should be relatively accepting of the type of trucks that need to make it happen. Hotshot trucking is truly the best idea for anyone who has to use on-call 24/7 car loading. The rule for customers to pay $4 and more for every loaded mile is pretty expected, though the empty backhauls are constant.

Hotshot Trucking Will Always Hit Hard With Owner-Operators

Joey Terra, an owner-operator “It’s not just all about small trucks. The first company I was a driver for [in the oilfield] had 18-wheelers that were hotshots. You may need a big truck for a big part, something bigger than a one-ton could handle.”

Hotshot Trucking is an attractive niche to the general public since there has been ease of entry and earning potential. However, the pandemic still has affected the hotshot sector very negatively, while other trucking segments show the operators how there’s great money to be made.

Hotshot owner-operators are able to avoid the pitfalls of others in single broker shipping.

Terra in early July was under a load on his 2015 Ram and 7-foot bed – a flatbed built onto the cab and chassis rather than a pickup body – of two air-conditioning units intended for a modular building. He often enough pulls a 40-foot flatbed trailer with two 12,000-pound-capacity axles, but he takes advantage to trim weight and save when he can

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