Karma Automotive Will Build 20,000 Electric Vehicles with Ayro by 2023

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The light-duty electric vehicle arena was a new player in the game: Karma Automotive. The company says it will work with Ayro, Inc. in what is “strategic manufacturing, engineering, and design partnership.” The goal is to make “more than 20,000 vehicles” by the end of 2023 valued at more than $300 million.

Ayro History, Background In Electric Vehicles

Formerly AEV, Ayro, said its EVs are purpose-built. They are small work trucks that you may see on college campuses. In addition, they will work in cities to make quick, spontaneous deliveries or municipal duties. Ayro’s recent lineup consists of “light-duty, urban and short-haul electric vehicles.” They come in two versions: the Club Car 411 and the 311.

Ayro Club Car 411 Characteristics

A prototypical example of these work trucks is Ayro’s Club Car 411. These simple utility vehicles you can envision driving around with rakes and a big water cooler strapped to the back. Three configuration options are available for the Club Car 411. They come in flatbed, pickup, or full van box that offers 123 square feet of cargo room and half-ton payload capacity.

Ayro 311 Features, Models

A more fun, three-wheeler can be used as a delivery vehicle, the Ayro 311 is meant to be used as a delivery vehicle. Moreover, this vehicle comes in what is “three flavors”: a fully enclosed two-seater, one with half doors, and as a one-seater with a cargo area. In addition, this vehicle has a driving range of up to 85 miles per charge.

Ayro 511 4X4 Concept Electric Vehicle

The company offers 511 4X4 Concept, which is meant to be an off-road EV. In addition, it is a full-time, four-wheel drive and offers 13 inches of ground clearance. Meanwhile, Ayro said it doesn’t know when or if it will put the 511 4X4 into production.

Ayro, Karma Automotive Collaboration

Both companies will build Ayro’s EVs at Karma’s production facility in Moreno Valley, California. Karma Automotive Innovation and Customization Center (KICC) is the plant. In turn, the companies say they can and have the know-how to build the frame, chassis, and bodies, as well as integrate the powertrain and finish the cars in the robotic paint shop.

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