Meera Joshi To Be Promoted Towards FMCSA As The Administrator

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When being nominated to secure the role of administrator, Meera Joshi has already done so much. That is, for the trucking industry as is. What started out as a temporary filling has evolved into a full-time job for the Deputy Administrator. After all, if there’s anyone that knows about acknowledging unprecedented times in the industry, it’s surely Meera Joshi. She is very wise and knowledgeable on matters of driver wait times, hours-of-service flexibility and also just an all-around saint . This being when it comes to facing the adversity that surrounds. When it comes to the lack of the supply chain industry’s capabilities.

Meera Joshi even went so far as to say that the information she is gathering through the FMCSA.

In specific, Meera Joshi says that “We added to the most recent extension of the hours-of-service exceptions. In gathering that information, that should help us formulate whether there are longer-term, more narrowly tailored solutions that we can put in place given the freight constraints that our nation is currently facing.”

Furthermore, she has the best answers to the tougher questions. Such as the topic on everybody’s minds. Should 18-20 year-olds be capable to cross state lines while driving a big rig, semi truck or sixteen-wheeler. Her response in specific was that it comes up so often, in regards to driver recruitment and retention as well as a need to increase driver capacity. Under specific provision, there very much should be a safeguard in legislation in reference to safety concerns before termination becomes a likelihood.

While present at an industry convention, Meera Joshi made not in a pre-recorded address that the Department of Transportation is focusing on safety technologies, as well as automatic emergency breaking. This is certainly what the FMCSA has bee looking forward to all the way through the pandemic. In the interim, Meera Joshi works as a sufficient permanent fill for the administrator of the FMCSA.

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