President Biden’s Department of Labor Observes Contract Truckers

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From the desk of President Joe Biden, comes an act to make the Trump Era suffer at a costly rate. How so? Well, for starters, the Department of Labor on the side of President Joe Biden is rescinding the rule from back in Donald’s day that would actually determine indie contractor classification via the FLSA or the Fair Labor Standards Act. Thus, yet another step closer to total implementation.

A notice of proposed rulemaking was created to reverse the remaining moves of Donald Trump’s as it would show the original analysis of what qualifies as workers in the trucking industry.

The final rule, received by the White House Office of Management and Budget is likely to be published in the Federal Register in order to fully take effect. The OMB that is meant to be published in the Federal Register, usually takes 90 days to review rule updates. However, it’s apparent when that review period is likely to be extended.

Independent Contractors in the trucking world make a lasting impact with how they are able to carry out business.

Unfortunately that was something very difficult for the past president to truly respect. There would be many factors that an employee would find themselves relying on. The two that mattered in particular to trucking would have to do with 1.) the workers opportunity for profit or loss, and the nature and degree of the worker’s control.

Trucking in general is absolutely a game of chance. So it would make sense why those two factors especially are aspects of the road you have to watch out for. If Joe Biden can be chipper and attentive as possible to how it affects indie contractors in trucking, then it would really make a difference.

Whatever Joe Biden or any other President thinks electric vehicles and automated vehicles can do for then country, it’s not only technology that makes the world want to do better. It’s the spirit of human ingenuity.

People that cannot find it themselves to respect the flow of power in the logistics industries enough to really understands how the chain-of-command works out in the long-run.

Independent Contractors or owner-operators that don’t do easily operate off of W-2 forms are not in particular as different as they seem to be. They just happen to be their own boss, so there’s absolutely no middle man to interject and not tuve them all their money.

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