Restrictions on CDL Testing Standards Lifted by FMCSA

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Truckers Face Less Confusion Over Testing
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Restrictions on CDL Testing standards have been removing by trucking regulators. It will strip away the confusion over CDL testing standards. Plus also help deploy entry-level drivers faster.

Restrictions and CDL Tests Effective Now

On Wednesday, the guidance was filing by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and it went into effect yesterday. Moreover, it does allow third-party testers to actually administer the knowledge portion of CDL tests for all classes. Plus the endorsements without a state examiner present.

In 1993, the guidance was first issued and there seemed to be a contradiction. Again in 2019, it was most recently reissuing. It was stating that the third-party testing provision in FMCSA regulations did apply to only the skills portion of the testing procedure.

Moreover, “FMCSA has, in fact, reconsidered this guidance and does conclude that nothing in the agency’s present authorities. There it would prohibit the states from permitting third-party testers to administer CDL knowledge tests. It was for all the classes and endorsement. This is according to a new document. “Therefore, [State driver licensing agencies] may actually accept the results of knowledge tests which are administrated by the third-party testers in accordance with the existing knowledge test standards and its requirements.”

Updated Guidance

The co-director P. Sean Garney from Scopelitis Transportation Consulting does believe the updated guidance is going to be welcomed by training schools. It has called on FMCSA and the other states to expand the third-party testing options. It would be for years. Moreover, to alleviate backlogs in the driver credentialing process.

“Also, I really think this is going be very helpful in light of the Entry-level Driver Training Rules. Those will be implementing on Monday,” Garney said.

“Drivers may be able to complete the entire CDL process at the truck driving school. This will be in states that decide to allow this. Then, they will be able to take the required theory training. Also, sit for the knowledge test very quickly after. Also, this is going to get them to the range and road training more quickly. Plus get them into trucking sooner. Therefore, the rules do require CDL knowledge tests be developing using a standard bank of questions. Moreover, I do see little risk in allowing a third party to proctor the exam.”

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