Schneider National to raise drivers’ per-mile pay by 4 cents

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Schneider National is Helping the Driver’s Bottom Line

Schneider National said it will raise driver pay next year. The company made the announcement early last week. Citing a press release, it was said many of the company’s drivers can earn an additional 4 cents. This is per mile starting January 24. It applies to driver associates in both the company’s solo and team fleets reflects this pay increase.

Schneider National Cares about Their Drivers and has Done Many Things for Them

The increase follows several initiatives that total nearly $15 million which were made on behalf of its drivers in 2020. Moreover, this was said by the Green Bay, Wisconsin-based transportation and logistics provider. In addition, the company added six paid holidays. Also raising truck speeds to 65 MPH from 63 and a weekly program guaranteeing pay for inexperienced drivers.

Additional Investments Go Beyond Pay

Equipment, technology, and facilities investments to include. They focus on driver productivity, comfort and safety will continue on according to Schneider National.

Schneider National Recognizes Excellence Among Their Drivers

The company says they want to create incentives for the company drivers. This is for safe and professional work. In turn, it gets our customers excited. Dave Geyer, Schneider Transportation, and Logistics Head said that. Moreover, its goal is on making Schneider driving careers the best in the industry. Pay is certainly a component, among many other areas that we are continually upgrading.”

More Truck Carriers are Rewarding Their Employers, too

The increase follows several recent announcements from other carriers. Frozen Food Express (FFE) has announced a 25 percent increase on Monday. This is for new linehaul solo company drivers. The team linehaul drivers also saw a 20 percent pay increase. Anderson Trucking Service (ATS) on Monday as well also made an announcement that a guaranteed pay program for the 12 weeks a new driver is on board.

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