Semi-truck Plant in Coolidge Will Create Up to 2000 jobs

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Coolidge is going to turn into an ideal place to develop a manufacturing plant according to the company specialized in the development of hybrid trucks. Nikola Corporation specializes in building pure electric and hydrogen-electric powertrains for big rigs.


A manufacturing facility in Coolidge will be developed by the corporation.

The plant of the million –square foot will be located near Houser and Vail roads, along with State Route 87. It will produce hydrogen –electric vehicles for Class 8, or heavy truck.


According to Tom Stringer, the plant is a great opportunity for creating jobs. It will bring about 1800 to 2000 job openings and about $1 billion in capital investment to the area.


A study by economic and real estate found out the amount of money to be invested in the development of the new facility. It equals $800.8 million. The facility will be having full production by 2025. The plant will generate an economic impact of $1.2 billion.


The project was initially targeting Buckeye earlier this year. Stringer said they had to speed up the schedule of their production.


The company started to look for sites with the required infrastructure in place to make the development of the plant faster.


As soon as the site is ready to function, the factory will produce ‘’several thousand’’ vehicles per year.


The goal of the corporation is to exceed the demand for diesel trucks in the global market by offering a cost-effective alternative.


‘’It’s less expensive to operate a clean hydrogen-electric alternative’’, Stringer said.


The hydrogen-powered fuel cells on the vehicle will allow the driver to travel up to 1200 miles each time the fuel gets filled up. By the time, Tesla allows about 600 miles at maximum.


Stringer firmly believes they are going to be an employer that everyone can be very proud of.


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