Semi-Trucks Fined For Truck Route Violations Seemingly So Easily

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A town in Midwest America is considering doubling the fines that will be directly for semi-trucks and their drivers who disobey the truck routes so plainly laid ahead of the drivers. Truck drivers are likely to get citations and left responsible to pay a $100 fine. In which case they would also have to show up to court. Residents of the area affected to believe that it’s a much better idea to double the fine towards $200 because that turns out to be way more effective. If you have a $200 fine given towards a basic truck driver, it’s going to come out of the back pocket, and not necessarily the company of the semi-trucks.

Semi-trucks have it tough!

Some people have a very strong opinion about this sort of thing. And why not? Truck drivers should be ashamed if they end up disobeying the law. They’re driving more than a weapon. They’re driving a natural disaster that can’t so quickly be cleaned up in the case of an accident like a car crash can be. So there’s that to be considerate and wary of. Why shouldn’t we bring up the likelihood that semi-trucks themselves can be entering a heap of trouble if not properly addressed.

However, some people believe it’s a fault in signage. An owner of a repair shop, aptly titled Cars, Trucks, Etc. Repair Shop, Kenneth Huggins, has made it known that “The state never put up signs for where the truckers needed to go. They’re going to rely on their GPS, because these people come in from strange parts of the country and are not familiar with our [part of the] country here.”

You’d assume that this type of tomfoolery is something that the city can handle. But if they don’t have the right signs up, inexperienced truck drivers may never see the end of being ashamed.

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