Top Concerns Of Owner-Operators In ATRI Critical Issues Survey

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Recently, there’s been a renewing interest in the top concerns of the trucking industry in North America. So, it only makes sense to talk a little bit about it, regarding what Owner-Operators actually have to deal with. For example, the ATRI (American Transportation Research Institute) conducts yearly surveys. And one of these surveys actually touched upon what concerns truckers in this current climate we’re facing, as a society. The survey took place earlier, this year, from September 8th through October 15th at the American Trucking Associations’ Management Conference and Exhibition. As such, plenty of Owner-Operators, as well as company drivers, made it evident that top concerns included rising fuel costs, driver compensation and truck parking. Pretty predictable, right?

Amazingly enough, “driver shortage” would top the list for the fifth year in a row.

In 2019 and 2020, the margins between driver availability and other issues were much more neck-and-neck. This year driver shortage took up half the share of votes in 2021! As it turns out, this uptick isn’t such a shocker to Rebecca Brewster. Brewster is the head honcho of the ATRI’s Top Concerns Survey, automatically as the Institute’s COO and President. The other worries include Driver Compensation, Truck Parking, Infrastructure and Driver Detention. But a shortage was predictable, at best. “Coming out of the pandemic, with the increased demand for goods and other pressures on the supply chain, getting and keeping drivers has been a real challenge industrywide.”

Additional issues that topped the 10 of the Top Concerns, included Diesel Technicians’ Shortage, Transportation Funding and CSA (Compliance, Safety, Accountability!)

All of this is so worrisome and scary and yet, it is an illustration of where we are going as an industry, as a whole. It’s certainly scary in any case. So be aware. Be very aware of what else bugs you so that we can see change.

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