What Every Truck Needs For Anti-Theft Security Systems

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Stolen trucks are very common, especially ones with merchandise in them. Be sure to check out the 7 different anti-theft security systems that will provide maximum protection for your truck.

The first and most important is to have insurance for your truck. In the case that your truck gets damaged, insurance will cover the costs to repair any damages. Having surveillance is also another way to provide protection for your truck. Getting locks or cameras installed would make it harder for the thief to get in the truck and get away.


Second, get GPS tracking installed. Having a GPS tracking system in the truck is a major benefit because you are able to locate the truck when it’s stolen. With the GPS tracker, you can see how fast the truck is going and what direction it is heading towards, as well as seeing if drivers are on time or behind schedule with deliveries.


The third way to protect your truck is to get a radio homing device. Sometimes, having a GPS installed is not enough. There are certain locations the GPS does not have on its map. Having a radio homing device will allow police to track the truck no matter where it is. The Vehicle Identification Number will be used to locate the truck.


The fourth necessity for your truck protection is security alarm. Having a security alarm can turn off the ignition system, which will make it impossible for the thief to start the truck up. An audible security alarm is another clever way to protect your truck. With the loud siren it has, the audible security alarm warns people within a 5-block radius.


The fifth way to provide truck protection is to have an Automatic Driver Recognition System. Although having a car alarm is a great way to protect your truck and alert people around you, you can be extra safe with the recognition system in case your keys get stolen. The recognition system allows the truck to start only when it recognizes the driver. Some systems only work by recognizing the driver’s DNA, while others work by identifying the driver’s fingerprint.


The sixth way to get around the sneaky thieves is to install a cabin camera. The camera records everything in the truck cabin. With this option, you will be able to identify faces and see who has been in the truck.


Lastly, the seventh way to protect your truck is to have remote ignition blocking. This security system basically makes it possible for you to stop anyone from starting your car and simplifies the recovery process.


Make sure your truck is secure on and off the road by having any or all of these security systems installed.

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