Trucking Industry Experiencing High Shortage of Truck Drivers

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It appears as though the trucking industry is having a bit of shortage with truck drivers.


This is happening mainly in South Carolina. Statistics show that if nothing is done about the shortage, things will get worse for the trucking industry.


Most truckers have been in the industry for years. The average age of truckers is 55, according to South Carolina Trucking Association.


Most truck drivers are actually older than 52. There are very few drivers between the ages of 18-21.


South Carolina Ports Authority CEO, Jim Newsome, states that younger people are less likely to become truckers. However, this is going to cause a long-term shortage of drivers for a lot of trucking companies everywhere.


About 7,000 truck transactions occur every day at North Charleston and Wando Welch. This nation’s freight depends mainly on trucks. It is one of the biggest businesses that will remain to be nonstop in America.


70% of America’s freight is being transported by trucks.


Newsome believes that the economy will benefit a lot if more truck drivers are hired with more benefits.


By law, truckers can only work up to 11 hours a day. Ports of the state make sure that drivers are getting in and out on time.


Right now, we are 50,000 short of truck drivers. The South Carolina Trucking Association predicts that the number will double in the next few years if the industry does not get more truck drivers.


For first-year truck drivers, the income would be around $45,000 to about $70,000 annually. The annual income depends on how much each driver works on a weekly basis. The hours they are on the job, the higher the income.


Newsome argues that drivers need to be treated with respect and their work conditions should be improved so more people will apply for the job. As of right now, the trucking industry is eager for newcomers and hoping this shortage won’t last for long.




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