E-Inspections Demonstrated At Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance

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If you know anything about weigh stations, you know that they can be a pain in your rearview window. But luckily, not all truckers will have to subject themselves to this ordinary bore. Drivewyze, the weigh station bypass service to trust, showed off their electronic roadside inspections by demonstrating what they could do. And what they do best is keeping Level 3 inspections brief. With E-Inspections! They’d show how electronic roadside inspections are being done right. Other instances may include the demonstration at the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance conference. Where state law enforcement and fleets all over the country would observe and be a part of the action.

E-Inspections allow Truckers To See How Time Consuming Tradition Is

When undergoing a simulation, results show the wastes of time behind manual inspections. Mundaities such as searching multiple systems to verify the carrier, credentials, and other minutiae prove to save more time. Making the task very simple for both the drivers and the inspectors alike.

With e-Inspections, an officer would be able to view the vehicle, carrier and driver information electronically as the truck is in motion. There is an easy means of streamlining the inspection process by way of screening carrier, vehicle, and driver data vs. multiple systems at once, as per compliance issues giving the officer freedom to validate data and also focus on non-electronic elements of inspections.

Drivewyze VP of Government Experience, Brian Mofford, has a bright outlook on E-Inspections for everyone. “There are too few inspectors for enforcement to operate effectively against an ever-increasing number of trucks on the road. e-Inspections are a force multiplier that increases the reach of our agency partners without impacting the movement of our economy’s freight.” One could definitely say that the next time you go to a weigh station, think about how much time, money and stress you could be saving, if only it was with E-Inspection.

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