Volvo Announces New AR Safety App for Truck Drivers

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The Volvo Group betters the future of truck driver safety.
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The Volvo Group recently made history and headlines as they announced an app based on augmented reality that is meant to assist first responders and provide more safety precautions for big rig truck drivers.

The app’s purpose is to “deliver instant, valuable information from the electric truck to the emergency services team arriving on the scene to guide them in real-time and ensure safe rescue conditions,” according to a statement released by Volvo. Overall, their main goal in designing this app is their goal at delivering 100% safe products for their drivers. The company speaks proudly of its app, saying “We are proud to be at the forefront of the electric truck revolution with high-performing solutions, but we also recognize the importance of ensuring the safety of first responders who are called to an emergency should an incident with an electric vehicle occur.”

The Chief Technology Officer, Lars Stenqvist describes the app as a tool as a means of minimizing risk of injury while simultaneously allowing first responders to secure the site of a crash safely and efficiently.

The app, aptly named The Emergency Response Guide, is available for free download now.

Downloads for Volvo Group drivers, being Volvo Trucks, Renault Trucks, and Mack Trucks, are available for Android and Apple users. However, for Mack electric trucks. The AR features are not set to be added to the vehicles until June 2023.

The app runs through a combination of connectivity, cameras, sensors, and 3D modeling with augmented reality. The combo of all of this together creates a detailed image of the interior of the vehicle. This allows first responders to understand what situation they are approaching, and they

are able to assess the best route to help the drivers.

The Emergency Response Guide is able to identify information such as where high voltage cables or battery packs are. It also is able to provide step-by-step guidance on how to safely turn off the power supply to the vehicle, in order to shut off the electric danger.

Volvo Group’s research and development teams in Sweden, France, and the US worked together to develop and design the innovative app. The app is expected to greatly change the world of trucking.

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